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Q:What’s your specialty?
A:We specialize in processing & manufacturing metal keychains and office gifts.
Q:Could you provide OEM service?
A:Yes, we could. Anyway, we have over 10 years’ experience.
Q:How about your production scale & capacity?
A:Our factory covers an area of 33,000 square meters and employs a staff of 800. We produce 30 million metal keychains and office gifts per year. For instance, it usually takes 30 days to fulfill an order for 5000 products (raw material preparation-production-shipment) and the actual time can be adjusted according to processing requirement, precision requirement, mold requirement, etc.
Q:What’s your product & price positioning?
A:We focus on manufacturing medium-end and high-end products with moderate price.
Q:How about your quality control capability?
A:Our factory passed the certification of ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System in 2004 and has a professional quality control department with over 40 quality consultants, engineers, technicians and quality inspectors serving in the fields such as quality planning, quality control, quality inspection, quality statistics, quality analysis/improvement and measurement management. As a result, we can assure product quality by meticulous planning and strict inspections.
Q:Can you provide samples and how to apply for samples?
A:Yes, we can.
Q: How about your R&D capability?
A:We have a professional R&D department with over 30 project engineers and technicians, which can provide comprehensive technical services such as product improvement, new product development, process design and making drawings.
Q: How about your business capacity?
A:We have an experienced marketing team with a staff of 20 which is engaged in providing all-round pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales services for you!
Q: What is raw material of your products?
A:Our products are made of zinc alloy.
Q:What kind of plating your company choose to apply? And how about the color?
A:Most of our products are applied niche plating and we can also apply chrome and gold plating. There are light effect and matt finish in each plating, for example, bright nickel and matt nickel.
Q:How to affix logo to products?
A:We can affix logo to products through engraving, laser, etching, silkscreen and epoxy stickers and only engraving logo needs new molds.
Q:How long will it take to manufacture bulk products?
A:It normally takes 30 days to fulfill an order.
Q:Which countries and regions are these products mainly exported to?
A:67% of our products are sold to Europe and America, 24% to the Middle East and East Asia and 9% to the other countries and regions.

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